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9Five Kitchen & Bar along with Chef Bobby Owens will be taking the simple concepts in food and embellishing the ingredients, flavors, and presentation to give a new spin on american gourmet. Chef Bobby, is not only a professional chef, but a veteran of this great country! The combination of his military  background and decades of culinary experience allows Bobby to produce a consistent flavor profile on every plate. This allows 9Five and Bobby Owens to deliver the same great taste every time you dine with 9Five Kitchen & Bar. Bobby prefers a "scratch" based kitchen concept so he can pursue excellence using seasonings over salt to bring out the true taste in his creations. He and his team of chefs have over 40 years of culinary experience and having a scratch kitchen allows he and his team to tailor meals to those with dietary needs and help our communities heal and grow in a healthy manner.  

9Five Kitchen & Bar 

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6075 Belle Grove Rd. Baltimore, MD  21225

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